Religious Studies
"Give something, however small, to the one in need. For it is not small to one who has nothing. Neither is it small to God, if we have given what we could." 
St. Gregory Nazianzen

At St.Francis Xavier students take at least one "religion" course a year, for example World Religions in Grade 11 in which students learn about a variety of faiths, or Philosophy in Grade 12 in which students delve into philosophical questions while learning about some of the greatest philosophers such as Socrates and Plato.

Teaching Staff

Tom Baars - DH
Jenny Abunassar
Jerry Coccimiglio
Kathryn DiGaetano
Candice Egan
Ashlee Highley
Meaghen Jowsey
Fariba Seirafinejad
Mike Whelan

Course Codes

 Grade 9  Grade 10 Grade 11 Grade 12

Be With Me

Christ and Culture

World Religions

World Religions

Church and Culture

Church and Culture


Course Types 

C - College
D - Academic
E - Workplace
I - Immersion
L - Locally Developed
M - University/College
O - Open
P - Applied
U - University