Catholic Education Week - Igniting Hope

posted Apr 24, 2020, 10:15 AM by Sarah Schildknecht   [ updated Apr 27, 2020, 7:22 AM ]
Catholic Education Week begins on May 3, and we want to hear from you, our teachers, support staff, students and their families!
This year's Catholic Education Week theme is "Igniting Hope."

Each year at this time, OCSB schools
generate many inspiring stories of Christian service, and we want to continue to promote those stories even though they are not happening in our schools. We know you are igniting hope in your virtual classrooms, through cards, letters, songs, videos and door stoop drop-offs. 

"Igniting Hope" - is what you do every time you reach out to a student, colleague, family or community partner.

Please send your stories, videos, tweets, pictures, and more to
The Ottawa Catholic School Board will promote these stories through all of their online mediums, the media, education and political partners and the Ontario Catholic School Trustees Association (OCSTA).

Recognizing that schools, staff and families are coping in different ways and to different degrees, we want to invite staff and families to participate by demonstrating their hope for others and themselves in a way that is easy and leaves a lasting impact on those around them. This invitation will be to share photos and stories of how they are sharing, inspiring ... igniting hope around them by using the #ocsbHope hashtag on social media.

Monday, May 4: For the ones we love - Send a message of hope to someone in your family.

Tuesday, May 5: For the ones who teach us - Send a message of hope to your teacher(s).

Wednesday, May 6: For leaders - Send a message of hope to a leader in your community/world (government and school board leaders, parish priest, Archbishop Prendergast, Pope Francis).

Thursday, May 7: For those in need and those who care for them - Send a message of hope to a nursing home, hospital, The Mission, Shepherds of Good Hope, frontline and healthcare workers.

Friday, May 8: For yourself - Send yourself a message of hope, for today and the future.