Dress Code and Warmer Weather

posted Apr 27, 2018, 7:32 AM by Sarah Schildknecht

Just a reminder for students to review the dress code as the warmer weather approaches. As you know our school is air conditioned and there are few classes in a portable.

Dress​ ​Code:

All students are encouraged to wear respectful clothing at all times when on school property or on a school related activity. In order to maintain a professional environment at the school, short-shorts, torn pants, cut-offs, distressed jeans/pants (tears, holes, rips, frayed), pajamas, muscle shirts, tank-tops and T-shirts with vulgar, suggestive or inappropriate language or drug/alcohol messages are not permitted. Shorts and skirts should be walking short length (e.g. mid thigh). No midriff-revealing, backless or off the shoulder tops are to be worn. Tops may be sleeveless (3-fingers wide), but not spaghetti straps. No bra straps or other undergarments should be visible. Extreme “FAD” attire or statement-making attire is not appropriate. Wearing clothing with culturally insensitive messages or images is not in keeping with our Catholic value of promoting a safe, caring and inclusive school community. Parents of students who are dressed inappropriately will be contacted. Behaviour that persistently challenges the school dress code policy will be addressed through a progressive discipline approach.