Grade 9-12 Parent-Teacher Interviews

posted Dec 2, 2020, 11:21 AM by Sarah Schildknecht
Parent-teacher interviews for Quadmester 2 are being held via videoconference (Google Meet) on Thursday, December 10 from 3:30pm - 5:30pm. Please do NOT come to the school as there are no in-person interviews due to our protocols from Ottawa Public Health.  

Booking an Interview
The Interview booking process will open up at 3:00 pm on Friday, December 4 and will close at noon on Wednesday, December 9. You will find a link to the interview booking pages below. If you are unable to obtain a time slot to see a teacher, please note that at any time during the quadmester, you may contact your child's teacher regarding his/her progress. You can call the school and leave a message for the teacher or you can email them (see list of email addresses here).

Ahearn, Graham

Hay, Robert

Parisien, Patrice

Baars, Tom

Highley, Ashlee

Pignat, Dan

Berry, Bridget

Huntington, Jordan

Price, Kristy

Bilder, Heather

Jamieson, Scott

Racicot, Dominique

Bindon, Kelly

Jennings, Mark

Ricci, Melissa

Blank, Joshua

Ketcheson, Roy

Riopelle, Colleen

Boucher, Jeff

Kozowy, Brandy

Royko, Robert

Capyk, Tamara

Larade, Alyson

Ruest, Shawn

Cloutier, Élizabeth

Lawson, Gregory

Russell, Nicole

Comerford, Erin

LeFrançois, Philippe

Schwartz, John

Creanga, Elena

Legakis, Sophia

Scrim, Kellie

Crichlow, Andrea

Lombardo, Jesse

Sealy, Annisha

Dale, Jaime

Loy, Dylan

Seirafinejad, Fariba

Denis, Gayle

MacCuaig, Mark

Silenu, Judy

Desjardins, Jessica

MacKenzie, Colleen

Sipes, Carolyn

DiGaetano, Kathryn

Mathieu, Erin

Spessot, JP

Do, Ly

McCaffrey, Tyler

Spriet, Derek

Doyle, Justin

McDougall, Fiona

Stevens, Julie

Gagnon, Corrine

McKee, Andrew

Sun, Yitao

Gambarotto, Sandra

McPhee, Kelly

Tang, Michael

Gibson, Angela

Miri, Faten

Townsend, Sara

Glendenning, Carlee

Monette, Jessica

Wainwright, Natalie

Greffe, Shannon

Muoko, Amaka

Whelan, Michael

Gulas, Courtney

O’Hagan, Pam

Yemensky, John


Oliviero, Maria