HS Parent-Teacher Interviews

posted Oct 4, 2018, 10:06 AM by Sarah Schildknecht   [ updated Oct 10, 2018, 11:47 AM ]

Thursday, October 18, 2018

2:40 – 4:40 pm & 5:30 – 7:30 pm

We are providing an opportunity for parents to book interviews electronically. Upon submission of booking you will receive an email confirmation (with directions to cancel appointment if necessary).

In order to secure an interview time, click on the teacher’s name (will be available below or next week’s newsletter). The link will take you to the booking calendar for that teacher. Please realize that there is limited availability. Out of courtesy to other parents, you may only book one time slot per teacher. If you have any questions on procedure, please contact the main office. If your network server at work is blocking you access from booking an appointment, please try booking an interview from home.

We appreciate your continued support.

(The teacher links will only be made available as of Friday, October 12, 2018 at 3:00 pm)

Abunassar, Jenny

Gauthier, Jennifer

Mullally, Finley

Ahearn, Graham

Gervais, Melissa

O’Hagan, Pam

Aiston, Katie

Gibson, Angela

Oliviero, Maria

Andreoli, Daiana

Glendenning, Carlee

Pedari, John

Baars, Tom

Greffe, Shannon

Pignat, Dan

Baine, Ashley

Gulas, Courtney

Pilaszewicz, Piotr

Baird, Suzanne

Hay, Robert

Pinault, Cori

Bilder, Heather

Hill, Jana

Prigent, Dean

Blais, Julie

Huntington, Jordan

Racicot, Dominique

Blakely, Kyle

James, Elizabeth

Ramsay, David

Blank, Joshua

Jamieson, Scott

Ramsay, Rochelle

Boucher, Jeff

Jennings, Mark

Ricci, Melissa

Brooks, Nicole

Ketcheson, Roy

Riopelle, Colleen

Brown, Sue

Kozowy, Brandy

Riopelle, Jocelyne

Cavan, Andrew

Lahey, Terry

Royko, Robert

Cloutier, Élizabeth

Langill, Steve

Russell, Nicole

Coccimiglio, Jerry

Larade, Alyson

Scerbo, Mike

Comerford, Erin

LeBlanc, Breanne

Schwartz, John

Creanga, Elena

Little, Erin

Scrim, Kellie

Dale, Jaime

Lombardo, Jesse

Silenu, Judy

Daniels, Angelique

Loy, Dylan

Simard, Vanessa

Denis, Gayle

Lussier, Brent

Sipes, Carolyn

Desjardins, Jessica

MacCuaig, Mark

Spriet, Derek

DiGaetano, Kathryn

MacKenzie, Colleen

Thibault, Sylvie

Dillon, Carol Ann

McCaffrey, Tyler

Thompson, Trevor

Divell, Jennifer

McKee, Andrew

Turnbull, Kate

Egan, Candice

McPhee, Kelly

Wainwright, Natalie

Evangelista, Janice

Miri, Faten

Washington, Lauren

Gagnon, Corrine

Monette, Jessica

Whelan, Michael

Galveias, Laurie-Anne

More, Martha

Yemensky, John