Important Traffic Changes/Reminders

posted Nov 4, 2015, 11:23 AM by Sarah Schildknecht

Dropping off Students in the Morning in the Front of the School

Effective  Monday, we are going to redirect the student’s being dropped off between 7:50-8:05 AM down the bus loop. Parents can drop off their child at the back of the school (the same location students are dropped off from the buses). Students can enter the school via the back doors. Parents will exit the school at the end of the bus loop. This should help to alleviate the bottleneck and provide a safer walking area for students who walk to school. Staff will be present to help direct traffic. As well, Ottawa Police will be on hand to ensure that cars do not enter the front of the school against the one way sign and can assist with the transition. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Picking up Students at the End of the Day

This is just a reminder to parents who are picking up students. The front of the school is a bus loading zone starting at about 2 PM. If you see buses already there, please do not park in the front of the school to come in and pick up your child. Perhaps you can park in the new parking lot so you can exit when you are ready to leave. Once buses are parked in the front of the school, they cannot move until their departure at 2:20 PM.

Traffic Lights at Spratt & Limebank

At the request of school council the City has made the following changes:

We have made field observations and conducted measurements of the crosswalk. The following are the actions we have taken:

1) We have increased the Walk duration for every pedestrian crossing at this intersection from the standard 7 seconds to 10 seconds. This will allow for the large number of students waiting to cross at one time, especially at the end of the school day, to begin their crossing.

2) We have increased the Flashing-Don’t-Walk time for every crossing at this intersection to conform to our standard walking speed.  At this location, the Flashing-Don’t-Walk time has increased from 19 seconds to 22 seconds for each crossing.

Please keep in mind that pedestrians are only permitted to begin crossing during the Walk indication.  Once the Flashing-Don’t-Walk indication appears, pedestrians arriving to the crosswalk should wait until the next cycle, and pedestrians already in the crosswalk are permitted to finish their crossing.  The timing of the Flashing-Don’t-Walk is such that a pedestrian that begins crossing at the end of the Walk interval can safely reach the other side of the intersection prior to a conflicting movement receiving a green indication.