Last Call: Student Fee and Yearbook

posted Apr 26, 2019, 7:41 AM by Sarah Schildknecht

Last call for the Student/Yearbook Fee to be paid. If you have not purchased a yearbook, you have until May 1st, 2019 to do so. If you are not sure if you purchased a yearbook you can check your School Cash Online Account. The fee covers the yearbook, as well as offsetting the cost of different activities during the school year.


The student fee for families with one student is $45.00 (includes 1 yearbook). The Student fee for families with two students is $90.00 (includes two yearbooks). For each additional student in the family, the fee will increase by $20.00 and one yearbook. For example, the fee for three students will be $110.00 (which includes three yearbooks). Make sure to select the appropriate option for every family member at St. F.X. If this fee is not paid, the student will not receive a yearbook. There is no guarantee that yearbooks will be available for purchase at a later date.