Lost and Found

posted Nov 10, 2017, 6:32 AM by Sarah Schildknecht

Each week a number of items pile up in our lost and found box in the atrium along with lunch bags (often full of food). Over the week(s) these bags make their way to the bottom thus creating an unhealthy environment along with contaminating the clothes that are there. We have received a large metal box to support Big Brothers Big Sisters and it is located in our main parking lot. Moving forward, we would ask that students/parents seek out any lost item within a day or two of it being lost. By Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning of that next week, we will bundle any unclaimed items and put them in the donation box. This will ensure a more sanitary lost and found and a greater likelihood that lost items will be claimed sooner.  There are tables in the atrium with items currently. If your child has lost any item recently, please have them look over the table. Unclaimed items will be donated by Tuesday.

Many lost and found items have been turned into the office, since the beginning of the school year, such as keys, jewelry, glasses, etc. Please have your child check with the office if they have lost any items.  We would like to return them to the owner.