OCSB Summer School

posted Jun 22, 2020, 5:49 AM by Sarah Schildknecht
OCSB Summer School Update
Upgrading Courses, Skills Builder and Credit Recovery programs have been added (for OCSB Students Only).
All programs now will be offered as distance learning only.


Some important Summer School information:
- Each summer program type has its own registration form on page two of the flyer (above); there are four separate registration forms.

Reach Ahead courses previously offered in class will now move to an online format. All students previously registered do not need to register again.

- Several new Summer Upgrading courses have been added. These credit courses are designed to allow students to refresh their skills and/or improve their grade in a course they have already successfully completed. These courses cover the critical expectations of the course and the same credit is awarded at the end. Students will retain their mark earned this school year at SFX and also will have a second entry on their transcript with their summer upgrading course mark.
- For students currently in Grade 6, 7, or 8 the Skills Builder program has been added. This is a literacy and numeracy support program for learners who are presently achieving at level 2 or lower. This program will be delivered remotely and students will receive daily supports to improve their reading, writing, numeracy, study and organizational skills.
- Credit Recovery Achievement Centre is available for students who have been unsuccessful in achieving the expectations of a high school course. Students must be recommended by their home school Credit Recovery Team to participate in this program. This program will be delivered remotely. Please only register for this program if your child has failed a course and after consultation with your child's Teacher and Guidance Counsellor.