Operation Christmas Care

posted Nov 29, 2019, 7:18 AM by Sarah Schildknecht

Can you help us in this Advent/Christmas season? 

As in the past, we hope to provide Christmas gift cards to any of our families who are in need at this time of year! To do this, each homeroom is being invited to bring in money for the Christmas Care Fund, from which the gift cards will be purchased. As a parent or guardian, there are three different ways for you to help us make this a success.

Here’s how:

1. Encourage your child to bring in money to their homeroom classroom for the school-wide collection from December 2 - 13

2. Consider using our school cash online at https://ocsb.schoolcashonline.com to donate to the fund directly on your family’s behalf (This account will be available from November 30 - December 15)

3. Purchase a gift card yourself (preferably from Walmart - where both food and clothing can be purchased) and send it into the school with your child.

Let’s ensure that all in our community have the means for a bright and joyful Christmas season this year. If the fund proves to be highly successful, and all the needs of our community are met, we will help our elementary schools in the area with any excess funds.