Our Lady of the Visitation Parish

posted Apr 20, 2018, 7:47 AM by Sarah Schildknecht


This program consists of four completely different items:

1. USED POSTAGE STAMPS: These stamps are sent to the Redemptorist Priests in Windsor, sold and the funds are used to feed children in Developing Countries. (“One Used Stamp Feeds One Hungry Child For One Day”)

2. EYEGLASSES: These eyeglasses are delivered to Stoney Creek, Ontario to the Medical Ministry International Canada where they are shipped to Developing Countries. (A gift of improved vision)

3. POP TABS: These pop tabs are sold by weight to help with the repair and/or purchase of special needs equipment for the students with disabilities at Clifford Bowey School, Ottawa. (Helping to reach basic small successes)

4. MILK BAGS: All milk bags are flattened and cut. They are delivered to the crafters who crochet or weave them into sleeping and sitting mats, totes or purses, or the scrapes into pillows. The finished products eventually make their way to shipping containers where they are wrapped around medical equipment and shipped off to Developing Countries.

Please note that no shipping costs are incurred for any of the programs due to the support from partner organizations and volunteers. Keeping all these items out of our landfill sites is an environmentally successful endeavor, especially when these items are being used in such worthwhile ways. Our Chaplaincy Leader, Mr. Adams will serve as a drop off point for any of these items – simply deliver them to our School Chapel or the Main Office.

For further information on the program or to seek out volunteer opportunities, please contact: Sandra Blais, (613) 443-­1453 or Sandra.cwl.olv.rrp@gmail.com