School Dress Code

posted May 6, 2015, 9:01 AM by Sarah Schildknecht
As the weather starts to warm up, please be mindful of our school dress code:
- All clothing is to be free of rips, tears or frays (no distressed clothing)
- No head wear is to be on in the school / classrooms (religious attire is the exception)
- No inappropriate language, pictures, messages is / are to be displayed on any clothing. Implied logos are not permitted.
- Shorts / Skirts are to be no higher than the width of a hand above the knee (just below mid thigh)
- Gentlemen must have sleeves on their shirts
- Ladies may wear sleeveless shirts as long as the strap is the width of three fingers. No undergarments are to be visible. Strapless tops are not permitted.

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