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High School Programs

OCSB high schools offer a variety of programs to suit a wide array of student learning styles and interests.

SHSM Programs

Our school is proud to host SHSM programs in 4 different economic sectors: Construction, Justice, Community Safety & Emergency Services, Hospitality & Tourism, and Transportation. Students also have the opportunity to participate in SHSM programs hosted  at other OCSB schools.  See your Guidance Counsellor for details.

Student Services

Guidance Counsellors

Sheri Bailey: Gr. 7-8

Stephanie Boivin: Gr. 7-8
Justin Doyle: Gr. 9-12,  A-D
Alyson Larade:  Gr. 9-12, E-M

Derek Spriet: Gr. 9-12,  N-Z

Guidance Counsellors are available to answer questions related to timetables, career planning, personal and social issues, special educational needs, and to suggest possible referrals to appropriate school personnel and outside agencies.

High-performance athletes & artists

If your child is a high performing athlete or artist at the provincial, national, or international level, we understand they need the flexibility to train while continuing with their academic studies. Contact your guidance counsellor to discuss accommodations for your child.

Student Service Department Staff

Department Head

Derek Spriet

Office Administrator  -

Veronica Black

Student Success

Erin Guerrero

English Language Learner Instruction (ELL)

Amanda Caldwell

Erin Mathieu

Cassi Roberts

Addiction Counsellor

Carl Radford

Mental Health Worker

Shelby Spottiswood

Multicultural Liaison Officer (MLO)

Suheyp Ata


Lisa Ali

Avigail Ram

Social Worker

Cooperative Education

Mark MacCuaig (Dual Credit)

Andrew Cavan

Natalie Wainwright


Erin Comerford

Jodi Connolly

Sandra Lofaro

Jesse Lombardo

Kelly McPhee

Kristy Price

Inclusion Teacher

Colleen Riopelle

Julie Stevens

Educational Assistants

Amy Allaire-Presley

Larry Carroll

Cassidy Damp

Patricia Durepos

Sheralee Ferguson

Vanessa Fontana

Jackson Kirkland

Jessica Rondeau

Stephanie Said

Achievement Centre

Laurie-Anne Galveias

Pam O'Hagan

Dylan Loy

Academic Support Resources

Tutoring Services
Individual Tutors & Agencies

Academic Resource Information

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