Hospitality & Tourism SHSM

Get a jump-start on your career!

A Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) allows you to focus on a career area that interests you while you earn your high school diploma. Experience a range of customized learning opportunities in the hospitality and tourism sector. No matter what path you plan to pursue after high school—apprenticeship, college, university or workplace training—a hospitality and tourism major can help you focus on and explore a future career.

What are the advantages?

SHSM students will:

  • EXPERIENCE first hand what a career in health & wellness feels and looks like

  • DISCOVER the relationship between school and careers

  • NETWORK with postsecondary institutions, local industries and businesses

  • EARN industry recognized certifications and training

  • OPEN doors for summer jobs and future employment

Unsure and want to learn more?

Fill our the form linked below and the lead teacher for the SHSM program you are interested in will contact you.

How do I choose a SHSM Program in myBlueprint?

When completing your course selection in February/March use the SHSM Planner in the High School section of myBlueprint to choose the program that interests you.

Here is a video on how to do this

Hospitality SHSM.mp4 -.mp4

Visit the OCSB website for more information about the Hospitality & Tourism SHSM program.