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HS Parent-Teacher Interviews

In order to secure an interview time, click on the teacher’s name. The link will take you to the booking calendar for that teacher. Please realize that there is limited availability. Out of courtesy to other parents, you may only book one time slot per teacher. If you have any questions on procedure, please contact the main office. If your network server at work is blocking you access from booking an appointment, please try booking an interview from home. We appreciate your continued support.

The teacher links will go live on Friday, May 21 at 3:00 pm.

The teacher links will close on Wednesday, May 26 at 12:00 pm.

Ahearn, Graham
Baars, Tom

Berry, Bridget

Bilder, Heather

Bindon, Kelly

Blank, Joshua

Boucher, Jeff

Capyk, Tamara

Cloutier, Élizabeth

Comerford, Erin

Creanga, Elena

Dale, Jaime

Denis, Gayle

Desjardins, Jessica

DiGaetano, Kathryn

Dillon, Carol Ann

Do, Ly

Doyle, Justin

Gagnon, Corrine

Gambarotto, Sandra

Gibson, Angela

Glendenning, Carlee

Greffe, Shannon

Gulas, Courtney

Hay, Robert
Highley, Ashlee

Hill, Jana

Huntington, Jordan

Jamieson, Scott

Jennings, Mark

Ketcheson, Roy

Langill, Steve

Larade, Alyson

LeFrançois, Philippe

Legakis, Sophia

Lombardo, Jesse

Loy, Dylan

Lussier, Brent

MacCuaig, Mark

Mathieu, Erin

McCaffrey, Tyler

McKee, Andrew

McPhee, Kelly

Miri, Faten

Muoka, Amaka

O’Hagan, Pam

Oliviero, Maria

Parisien, Patrice

Pershin, Angelika (for Brandy Kozowy)

Pignat, Dan

Price, Kristy

Quevillon, Khaisey

Racicot, Dominique

Ricci, Melissa

Riopelle, Colleen

Royko, Robert

Ruest, Shawn

Russell, Nicole

Schwartz, John

Scrim, Kellie

Sebastianpillai, Maria

Silenu, Judy

Sipes, Carolyn

Spriet, Derek

Stevens, Julie

Sun, Yitao

Tang, Michael

Townsend, Sara

Wainwright, Natalie

Whelan, Michael

Yemensky, John

Multilingual videos on mask wearing

Masks are mandatory in public spaces, so the organization Refugee 613 created a series of multilingual videos with Ottawa Public Health explaining where and when to wear them.

Mandatory Mask Videos

Winter and Inclement Weather

The Ottawa Catholic School Board has decided to keep a status quo approach to inclement weather days during our COVID times. When school transportation is cancelled due to poor weather, our schools will continue to be open for students who walk or who can get to school without school bus transportation. Please recognize that on these days students cannot be dropped off before 7:45am, and students must be picked up by 2:15pm. For those students who remain at home on inclement weather days, teachers will continue their practice of posting work to Hapara. At the high school level, the day will count in our cohort A/B tumble. Therefore, if an inclement weather day occurs on a cohort "A" day, the following day will be a cohort "B" student attendance day. Parents should be assured that despite the possible lower numbers of students on a “snow day”, we will not be congregating classes at the school. Students will follow a regular timetable.